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Shop talk marks tey discount pet foods , Pet Shop Talk from Pet Business World UK

“If customers ask for a recommendation, we will advise them, but we do not try to convert people to different brands for the simple reason that if a cat or dog is doing well and there are no health problems over the years, why try and change that? If they want to upgrade, we will give them the choice and talk about different options and ingredients. It’s up to the customer.” As with so many retailers, browse this site they have been getting more requests for grain-free foods, so launched their own grain-free brand, Cooke’s. “This is the original surname of the brothers, so it gets a bit of history going, a tie with the past,” said Keith. “We have been asked for grain-free, but it’s not necessary for every dog. If a customer comes in and says their dog has diarrhea or a skin condition, we will suggest it might be the food and advise on different products.” Frozen raw food has taken off – they now have four freezers in-store offering up to 30 lines, and a huge walk-in freezer for excess stock. “Frozen is doing กระเป๋า แบรนด์ ของ แท้ very, very well,” he said. About five years ago, the family decided to set up an e-commerce site.

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